This is a STEP-BY-STEP guide to follow if you need clarification along the way. Enjoy the cook!


  1. Cooking the Grains.
    Take 2 small saucepans, place freekah in one and the lentils in the other. Cover them both with cold water, approx an inch above the grains. Place them on the stove at a high heat. NO SALT. NOTE – Check them often so they don’t overcook. They will take approx 15-20mins.
  2. Yoghurt Dressing.
    Place yoghurt into a small bowl & add cumin powder to taste. Add a little at a time and taste it to see if you want more. Add salt, cracked pepper & a drizzle of EVOO. Give it a stir.
  3. Red Wine Vinegar Dressing.
    Add 1 TBS of Honey and approx. 2 TBS of Red Wine Vinegar from your pantry. Stir to dissolve. Then add 4 TBS of EVOO. Use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts EVOO. If you don’t have Red Wine Vinegar you can substitute it for light balsamic or apple cider vinegar.
  4. Bowl Ready.
    Get a bowl to add all the salad ingredients. Finely dice red onion and add it to the bowl, add capers, peptita seed mix & currants to the bowl. Pick the leaves of the parsley & mint, roughly chop and add them to the bowl.
  5. Freekah & Lentils.
    After 15-20 mins, test the grains to see if they’re cooked. Remove from the heat and rinse them both out with cold water and strain really well. Once cooled, add them both to the bowl. Add the Red Wine Vinegar Dressing, add a little squeeze of lemon juice, salt & pepper to taste.


  1. Bring the fish to room temp.
  2. Use a grill frypan & place it on a med-high heat.
  3. Add EVOO to the fish just before it is to go into the pan & add salt at the last minute before
    the fish goes into to the pan.
  4. Cook fish for 2-3mins on one side and 1min on the other, add a good squeeze of lemon juice at this time (remember to cut of a cheek of lemon for your meal). Then take the fish off the heat and let it cook in the residual heat for another 30-45secs and add it to your plated up dish that is ready to go.